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Messenger Released! Manage Your Customer Relationships in Real-Time

Messenger Released! Manage Your Customer Relationships in Real-Time

The Meal Prep Tech development team just released a new feature to help you communicate with your customers and keep accurate, timely records to ensure no touch-point is ever lost!

Ever have the headache of trying to figure out which person reached out to which customers when? Having the right information at your finger tips in real time is so important to make sure you and your customers are all on the same page – that’s why we created the MPT Messenger. Now you can SMS your customers in a real-time, web-socket driven thread all from within the portal. You can find this feature on the user profile page under the contacts section here:

This messenger will display outbound messages and responses in real time as you hold a normal conversation with the user and the communications will be saved for ease of access later!

Don’t want to navigate to the user’s profile every time a text comes in? No problem! We have implemented a matching and forwarding feature for inbound texts. When a message comes in to your MPT company phone line the message can be forwarded to the mobile phone of your choice. Before the message is forwarded, Meal Prep Tech searches all of your users, shipping profiles and deliveries to try to identify who the number is tied to. If a match is found, then the forwarded message will include a link directly to that user’s messenger thread!

Enjoy our best meal prep CRM feature yet!


MPT Support Team
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