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Backup Products Released! No more prepping one-off meals.

Backup Products Released! No more prepping one-off meals.

As all meal prep businesses know, your cutoff deadline can be one of the most intense times of the week. Subscription customers who missed the deadline but have products in their order that you know longer offer can take a lot of admin time to fix. Or worse – you have to cook one or two meals that you no longer offer, throwing a wrench your beautiful, streamlined kitchen process. What to do??
Meal Prep Tech released a new feature where you can set a Backup Product Association on the Product Detail page to make certain your subscription orders are 100% accurate before your payments run.  Simply navigate to the product page and set the backup product for any products that you are going to disable or where their end date is approaching and the system will handle the rest! When your subscription payments go to run, the system will check each one for any invalid or expired products and replace them with your designated backup!
That’s not all! We also have included the ability for you to dynamically pick what to do with variations! You can choose to have the backup product match the parent product’s variations where possible or select exactly what the variations should be when replaced – or even a combination of the two! Complete control for you to make sure your orders are accurate and your kitchen knows exactly what to do.
Watch this tutorial to learn exactly how to use this new feature!



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