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How Meal Prep Software Benefits Your Business?

How Meal Prep Software Benefits Your Business?

More people are gravitating towards meal prep for the convenience of a ready-made quick snack or a full-on meal. You make dinner plans easy for your customers, but you need a simplified method to manage your workflow. So, how does meal prep software benefit your business? First, here are a few tips to follow when looking for meal prep software.

Meal Prep Software – What You Need

  • Easy to Navigate – A software system that is easy to work with is a top priority. Whether you have one employee or multiple staff members, you need a meal prep software system that is user-friendly.  Not only should it help organize your day-to-day operations, but it must be easy to navigate for your customers. Simplicity is the key to repeat orders.  
  • Seamless and Quick – Customers want an ordering system that works seamlessly and quickly to avoid frustration. A slow, bogged-down system can lead to lost business. A great user experience helps you grow your sales.
  • Room for Information – The ability to input details like ingredients, calories, and captivating images will improve the customers’ desire to order from your online menu. You want to ensure your customers have as much information as possible in front of them to answer nutrition questions and visualize the finished product.
  • Secure Payments – A software system with a secure payment system further solidifies the chances of orders. Providing private information online like a credit card number needs an added level of security. Your meal prep software system will help protect your customers’ details.

The Benefits of Meal Prep Software

  • Gives You More Time – As your industry grows, your focus becomes making quality meals and you often have less time for other parts of your business. Creating and maintaining your website can end up falling by the wayside. Customers need to find you online so without a digital presence you lose potential business. This is where meal prep software comes into play. A meal prep system will automate every aspect of your business with cutting-edge tools.  The time saved can be spent on menu planning and other tasks requiring hands-on attention.

Avoid wasting time taking orders over the phone. User subscriptions will allow the customer to upload their information and allow them to order whenever they desire. You’ll be able to track each client through automated reports, giving you an accurate accounting of orders, deliveries, pick-ups and more. A meal prep software system removes the chance of human error.

  • Loyal Customers – Friendly service is key to business success. When you can improve your level of customer satisfaction, it translates into customer retention.  An automated food ordering system easily remembers your customers and their preferences. You can backtrack to see previous orders and view their profiles. Customizing rewards for repeat business is quick and simple with a meal prep software system. When your customers re-orders, greet them by name and add their favourite items into the bag for a special touch to keep them coming back for more.
  • Improved Business Growth – A meal prep software lets you keep track of details like addresses and popular items. Use this information to grow your business. Target the locations where your meal prep company is popular and use social media to interact with your demographic.  Posting stories and images about new and popular products helps you connect to your customers. Gathering details from your reports helps you determine where you should place targeted ads to increase sales.
  • Upsell Opportunity – An online food ordering system gives you the chance to provide add-on options to customer meal choices. Say they order a fish dish; your system can be set up to give pairing options like an appetizer or dessert. Why not let your clients choose to order a gift card for family and friends while making a purchase for themselves? The online shopping cart is the ideal place to entice further purchases. You can provide offers like “When you order an appetizer and main meal you get a dessert for free”. This can lead you to watching the dollars pour in.
  • Money Saving – Instead of using a 3rd party to provide an online ordering system, use a software system. 3rd party companies have endless fees and charge you a commission on every order. Own your meal prep software and say goodbye to extra charges. There is just a one-time set-up fee then the profits you make are all yours!


Meal prep software is just a click away. At Meal Prep Tech, we specifically cater to meal prep businesses. We know what you need. Are you ready to increase your sales? Ask us how.

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