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How To Choose The Best Meal Prep Software For Your Business

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How To Choose The Best Meal Prep Software For Your Business

Meal prep services are on the rise. People who lead busy lives want to make and eat delicious meals at home with the help of prepped ingredients or pre-done dishes. The success of these types of companies relies heavily on the use of the digital platforms created by the best meal prep software brands.

What to Look For

How do you know what makes up the best platform to use in your meal prep business?

  • Custom Branding – From the way the ordering webpage looks to the tracking system, everything should be customizable to fit your company’s look and feel. You want every detail of your ordering system to represent your brand, so your customers have a complete picture of what you do. From font colours to style, images to transitions, customization for your meal prep company helps promote your brand, your way.
  • Tracking – Your meal prep delivery software should work without hitches and glitches for you and your customers. Avoid lost sales or paybacks by keeping an eye on every delivery. A meal prep website builder can incorporate step-by-step viewpoints from the kitchen to the client. Know where your deliveries are, when they arrive, who has taken them, and have a confirmation picture of the final drop off. All this information can be recorded and traceable through your tracking system. If a customer complains about how long it took for their order to arrive, you can review everything in real time to help avoid unnecessary refunds or unhappy customers. You can also verify information with photos provided from the delivery site. This helps you stay in control of your delivery staff as well.

Live tracking can be available to customers too, giving them the ability to have peace of mind knowing when they can expect their delivery instead of just waiting around wondering.

  • Open Communication – By having a webpage and app that has a direct messaging channel, you can speak to your customers, updating them on when they should expect their order. This leaves the line of communication open for you to double-check on notes they may have written in their order such as “extra spicy” or “quinoa instead of rice”, clarifying exactly which dishes these notes are for.
  • Routing Capabilities – Navigation is crucial to the delivery of an order and keeps the customers happy with hot food provided on time. The best meal prep software incorporates a navigation addition that shows your driver the optimal route to take based on the address and input time.

A group of cardboard boxes with different designsSubscription Service – Offering your customers the chance to subscribe to your food delivery system makes organizing their life even easier. Subscriptions mean all their information like name, contact number, and payment preferences are securely stored so they can just place an order without having to manually enter everything again. A subscription also means you have been permitted to advertise to them by sending out notifications about upcoming new menu items thereby encouraging more ordering. You may even want to allow subscribers to get discounts by being a member of your service, further persuading repeat business.

  • Security – Having to enter private information like credit card numbers online can deter some people from ordering this way. This is why it is crucial for your online ordering system to have a secure payment method. This allows those with less trust in digitization to be more willing to order from you.
  • Description Detail – Customers may want more information than just the basic explanation of what kind of meal they are getting. They may be looking for specific ingredients due to allergies or calorie counts for restricted diets. Having a point-of-sale food ordering system that lets you add in all the extra details can help solidify those extra customer orders.
  • Working Together – When the back-end and front-end of your system work together the customer can have a seamless experience. The integration of all aspects of your webpage should work together so the navigation can be smooth and quick. Customers want a fast, reliable way to order their food, especially when they are in a rush to get a quality meal on the table.

It All Matters

Little extras like this really improve the customer experience and give you a higher chance of keeping them loyal to your business. Check your system to ensure updates are made and review the analytics to see what is working best for you. At Meal Prep Tech, you can rely on us to provide you with the best meal prep software for your food prep needs and your customer desires.

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