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How To Market a Meal Prep Business Successfully?

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How To Market a Meal Prep Business Successfully?

Are you ready to increase your sales and grow your profits? It is super important to market your business to grab the attention of potential customers. You can’t be everywhere so let your marketing speak for you. With the rise of trending health foods and an increase in online food ordering, meal prep businesses are popping up all over the place. Stand out from your competitors by knowing how to market your meal prep business.

Meal Prep Marketing 101

  • Get Specific – One way to stand out from your business competition is by highlighting the benefits of each meal prep dish you offer. Separate your meals into categories such as protein-forward or vegan. Make sure to include some quick energy snacks for the avid sports enthusiast and some vitamin-filled hearty meals for a comforting night in. Include all the ingredients and health benefits on your packaging as well as a complete list on your meal prep business software website.  Make it easy for your customers to place their online orders with confidence. Well-thought-out meals specific to culinary preferences give people a reason to choose your meal prep business.  
  • Make Connections – Tie your meal prep dishes into holidays and events. You can make people crave your meals subconsciously and consciously by advertising with a focus. Create social media posts during Thanksgiving or other traditional celebration days, highlighting how easy it is to share a hearty, yet nutritional meal with your family. Your customers will appreciate that your meal prep business takes care of all the preparation of the family-size meal so they can enjoy the day. An image of a golden roasted turkey or tofurky for vegans will get their tastebuds dancing all the way to your online ordering page. How can they resist…
  • Get Personal – When people can connect emotionally, it increases the chances of them purchasing from you. Show your audience the inner workings of your business by creating a video for your social media platform. Introduce your staff members, give a quick story about how you started the business, and explain what happens in the kitchen during meal prep.  Make the video as personal as possible. By showing how your business works your audience forms an emotional connection. Sharing some inner working secrets may be rewarded with a sale.
  • Offerings – Make your meal prep business stand out by offering something truly unique. Offer a free online or in-person creative cooking class with the purchase of multiple meals or products. Tips and tricks for a successful meal service can also go a long way. Show your clients how your popular meals can be presented to impress their friends and family. Plating ideas and serving sizes are useful to all your meal prep customers. This exclusive information shows the versatility of your products and makes your clients feel appreciated.  
  • Partnerships – Connect with other businesses like gyms and grocery stores to have them sell your meal prep dishes. Promotional pairings ensure your marketing is in line with your brand. Working together gives both businesses a lift and customers will appreciate things like the convenience of a healthy meal option after a good workout.  This is how to market your meal prep business for exponential growth.
  • Change Things Up – Keep your current and potential customers on their toes by offering new dishes weekly. New dishes can bring in new clients. Creative meal prep ideas keep people’s interest and allow your chef to introduce some new recipes they have been working on. Draw on intrigue.
  • Have Pop-Ups – For people who don’t yet know about your business, get out there and let them discover your meal prep options through a pop-up. This is a popular way to introduce your offerings to a new audience. Set up a mini booth at your local farmers market or partner with another business whose operating hours are limited to a specific time. Sharing kitchen facilities after hours with a local café can create a buzz about your meal prep services.  When you give new customers the opportunity to try your food, they are more likely to come to your flagship store or use your online ordering system from your website.
  • Google Ads – Almost everyone uses the internet to search for things so get your name on one of the most popular platforms there is. Google is widely used by those looking for a new place to get a meal. Incorporate keywords into a Google ad to get in front of customers looking for a meal prep business.   You may already be on the front page of a search but with the help of a Google ad your business is almost guaranteed to be seen whether you are on the first or last page of Google.

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Being Discovered

When asking how to market a meal prep business it is heavily reliant upon carefully crafting your marketing plan and using the power of a digital presence.  For website marketing and online ordering, choose Meal Prep Tech to get started with customized software to match your needs.

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