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How To Start a Meal Prep Business In 2023 – The Complete Guide

A man and a woman cooking food in a restaurant kitchen

How To Start a Meal Prep Business In 2023 – The Complete Guide

Meal prep is taking the world by storm. It is a convenient, quick way for consumers to enjoy a delicious home-cooked bite to eat without the expense of a restaurant. Everyone is embracing this recent trend to eliminate the chores of grocery shopping, creating a healthy menu, and preparing ingredients. A meal prep company does the work so families can spend more quality time together, chatting over a mouth-watering, easy-to-make meal. Having user-friendly software is a key to starting a meal prep business.

3 Main Things to Look for with Meal Prep Company Software

  1. Sorting Capabilities – When users scroll through your website, you want to ensure they know where to look to place an order. For maximum efficiency, you want a site that can organize meals into different sections. Some customers might be looking for vegetarian options while others could be craving a juicy piece of steak. Further, certain customers might want their total costs to stay under $50 while others have an unlimited budget.  Your software should have the ability to categorize your meals and sort items from least expensive to most and vice versa. When you make it easier for clients to find specific items it increases the chance of a purchase. 
  1. Importing and Exporting Information – All your data should have automatic backup capabilities. Make sure to get a software system where your information can be transferred to a file or external drive. If something unexpected occurs like a crashing of the system, you are confident in the knowledge that your data has been saved. It is also advantageous to have transferrable information to integrate with other applications.   
  1. Mobile Friendly – Since most people use their phones to order food it is crucial to have a meal prep software program that is optimized for mobile. Copy and images should be clear and easy to read on all devices to provide an excellent user experience. When your information is displayed properly it exhibits professionalism.  A well-presented website powered by user-friendly software helps the consumer connect and build trust with your brand. A confident consumer turns into a loyal customer.

How to Start a Healthy Meal Prep Business

Knowing how to start a meal prep business can be tricky, but this guide below will help you become a leader in the meal prep industry.

An excellent software system can help you connect all the dots and utilize your time efficiently. For your business to succeed you also need to set specific goals and know how to accomplish them.

Know the Market – Do you know what types of food are trending right now? Great! You can use this information to your advantage when prepping meals for consumers. Choose ingredients that fit within the current market to skyrocket your business quickly. Be sure to stick with what you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

It is also great to do some social listening. You will discover relevant questions relating to your industry on various forums. Listening helps to understand the needs of your potential clients in this “gap market” and get ahead of the curve before your competitors do. 

Licensing and Registration – To be a legitimate business you need to have proper licenses and be registered provincially or federally. Stay out of legal trouble by being a properly set up business.

Marketing Strategy – As with any business you need a marketing strategy. The meal prep business can benefit by using the 7 Ps strategy. What is this?

  1. Product

Your product should take centre stage in every form of marketing whether it be through blogging, paid advertising, or social media posts. Make sure your marketing channels answer questions like what problem does the product solve and why does your product stand out? When you can answer this for your customers, they are more likely to convert from desire to action.

  1. Price

Think about what your target audience is willing to pay for your meals and work within this range to attract an audience. You can draw customers in through membership pricing or special promotions.

  1. Promotion

Being digitally friendly is very important. Discover several ways to promote your business through online events and live streams. Show off what you are most proud of when creating an elevator pitch. Short, informative statements promoted on social media get seen by an immense amount of people. The key is to keep it brief, so you hold the attention of your audience. 

  1. Place

Be aware of your customers purchasing patterns then use this to target them at the right stage in the sales funnel. If your client tends to buy after seeing an online ad, get an ad out there that speaks to them.

  1. People

There is more chance your marketing efforts will support your sales if everyone in your company is deeply aware of the ins and outs of your product. Make sure they all know the problem it solves, and you may even start seeing referrals. Referrals are a huge part of business growth.

  1. Process

Consider partnering with brands that complement yours to get your name recognized. Keep track of your logistics to maximize the efficiency of your brand.  Good planning helps your business grow and increases customer satisfaction. A smooth process from start to finish secures relationships across the board.

  1. Physical Evidence

Paint the big picture by showcasing your business through physical proof. Ways to do this include receipts, business cards, and exhibiting your products on the shelf.

Successful Planning

If you want to know how to start a healthy meal prep business at home or how to start a meal prep business in your city, this is the information you need. Ask us at Meal Prep Tech to help you build the foundation for your business and website with software that is easy to navigate.  

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