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The Ultimate Guide to Batch Cooking: Simplify Your Meal Prep Routine

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The Ultimate Guide to Batch Cooking: Simplify Your Meal Prep Routine

Can you find ways to cut costs, add efficiency, and manage things better for your restaurant? A great way to save time and money is by batch cooking when you are in the meal prep industry. Meal prep business software can also improve your workflow and help your business succeed. When you implement these two things together, you have a solid foundation for success.

Batch Orders

How exactly does batch cooking help your meal prep program?

  • Saves Food Costs – Often when you buy products in bulk you are saving money because larger quantities are offered at better prices. Your meal prep company serves multiple customers anyway, so why not reduce the raw costs of ingredients by purchasing more?
  • Appeals to the Masses – When your meal prep business software records customer information and analyzes data, you can see which dishes are most popular. Batch cooking these dishes helps you save time and increases profits. Having the top-selling menu items available instantly on your online ordering system will satisfy your customers’ needs.
  • Caters to Special Occasions – Cooking large quantities of dishes for special events helps you cut down on confusion when multiple orders come in at once. When you know which items are popular for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, batch cooking keeps you organized during these busy times. When your meal prep routine is simplified, it makes it easier to get orders out without delays. 
  • Eight eggs being fried on a panAppeals to Your Target Audience – Making prepped meals in large batches can help you increase profits by selling larger quantities. Convenience is the key to a food prep company. The product must be convenient and cost-efficient for you and your clients. Weekly or monthly supplies of meals make it easy for your customers to have dinner ready when they have a busy schedule. Entice customers to order more by offering discounts on large orders of specific dishes. Larger orders and amounts of ingredients cost you less and you will be able to extend the savings to your customers. Larger single orders mean an increase in profits by eliminating extra delivery fees and extra packaging costs incurred with multiple smaller orders.
  • Easy to Make Meals that Last – When you can prep several meals ahead of time, you can save time. Dishes that can be cooked in batches and then frozen will last for quite some time until they are sold. This also appeals to your customers who want to buy in large batches, so they have meals on hand instead of coming to purchase your prepped meals every week.
  • Saves Waste – “Waste not want not.” No one wants to waste ingredients but sometimes recipes don’t turn out the same. You may know your recipes off by heart but a slight change in an ingredient like the spiciness of a jalapeno week to week is bound to happen. Other times, your prepared food item may taste different depending on who is creating the dish. Batch cooking allows for greater consistency.  This method of cooking helps you save from having to throw out a dish because the recipe was used by different staff members with taste discrepancies.
  • Prepare – Batch cooking helps you prepare meals quickly. Certain ingredients can be bought in batch, chopped, and be ready when you need them. This cuts down on the most time-consuming part of cooking, meal prep.
  • Caters to Families – Families often look for meals made in large quantities. Cooking in large portions helps you attract families as customers. Increasing your customer base means larger profits for your meal prep business.

Helping Your Customers

Batch Cooking helps keep customers healthy. A healthy meal can easily be constructed from several batch-prepared items. Your customers can order large batches of fruit and vegetable dishes. You give your customers a way to keep their families healthy with healthy meal prep options. 

Software that Works for You

Instead of panicking every time you need to add something to one of your meal prep dishes, start batch cooking. Working with large quantities of food is crucial when you want to know how to start a meal prep business. Additionally, taking advantage of meal prep business software from Meal Prep Tech helps you sell your batch meals online. Open your business to a whole new set of customers who are just waiting to put in online orders.

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