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How To Create Healthy Meal Prep Dishes

Healthy smoothies and fruits

How To Create Healthy Meal Prep Dishes

More people are focusing on healthy eating while at the same time, purchasing already-prepared meals to save time. It is important to know how to create dishes that appeal to everyone and offer wholesome products, especially if you have a meal prep company.

How To for Healthy Meals on the Go

Putting together a bunch of random ingredients generally lends itself to a hodgepodge dish that no one wants to eat. Steer clear of this by organizing and planning ahead when creating meals.

  • Brainstorm – Come up with ideas that everyone will love by asking your current customers what their favourite ingredients are. Incorporate a wide range of these products into the dishes on your online menus. People are bound to respond with delight.
  • Research – Discover what makes certain dishes healthy and focus on this. For instance, you might want to read some books that focus on nutrition and the benefits of certain ingredients like fish or beans as a good source of protein. Everyone needs protein in their diet, especially if you are catering to athletes. Nutrition-based meal prep companies can improve profits by catering to the needs of this type of clientele. Making a delicious fish dish can wow your health-conscious customers. To appeal to those who are not aware of the benefits of each meal, you can help out by writing down the health facts on your to-go containers.
  • Balance – Balanced diets help you to lead a healthy life so the same should go for your meal prep and organization. Arranging meals with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and macronutrients helps your products appeal even more to those nutrition-focused customers.
  • Portion Sizing – Make sure to portion your meals correctly. Each item should be no more than about a cup or palm size as a general rule. Your plate diameter should be average, so the portions occupy the space without overflowing the edges.  This helps keep people on track by eating healthy amounts when eating three meals a day.
  • Serve with Water – Water is crucial to staying healthy. Water helps in fill you up, so you don’t keep eating more calories than your body requires. Pair your dishes with options like zero-calorie carbonated water or flavoured low-calorie still water. Your customers will be happy you have taken the time to consider their health. This will likely cause them to order more often from you.
  • Wrap it In Lettuce – A piece of lettuce can be used in place of a wrap to replace a high starch roll, tortilla, or bun as part of any meal. When you present your dishes with optional healthier choices, your customers will appreciate how you change a calorie-rich typical sandwich into a healthy bite. 
  • Al Dente – Cooking food so it still has some crunch when ready keeps the nutrients intact. Help your customers benefit from all the vitamins and minerals by making already prepared meals with raw or lightly cooked vegetables.
  • Natural Ingredients – Using natural ingredients and staying away from fillers keeps your dishes tasty and healthy. If a food product doesn’t break down or takes a long time to spoil, it likely contains a high amount of sodium, sugars or chemical preservatives.  Overusing unnatural ways to extend food life can be harmful to your body. Healthy meals on the go should contain items that offer the most nutritional benefit to your customers.

Sauces can be made with leafy greens as a source of vitamins A and C, as well as iron. Leafy greens are also great for your vision and skin health. A good example is pesto sauce made of basil, a leafy green, and pine nuts. Not only is this a good source of antioxidants but it is one of the healthiest sauces you can produce. Avoid using fillers and bad fats whenever possible.

Why Eat Healthy?

Healthy meals have many benefits. They can:

  • Lower the risk of contracting disease
  • Add vitamins into your body
  • Keep your mental health in a positive state
  • Help you stay physically fit
  • Give you energy

You can use this information when advertising your healthy meals to your target audience. This helps entice health-conscious customers to order from your Meal Prep menu and benefit from your to-go dishes.

Yummy Yummmm…

When you cater to a wide range of healthy eaters you can grow your already prepared meals business. With the nutritional know-how, you can take a step in the kitchen to show off your skills. At Meal Prep Tech we can help add even more profit to your business by adding your meal choices to a website so people can order now.

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