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Strategies to Boost Profitability in Your Food Delivery Business

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Strategies to Boost Profitability in Your Food Delivery Business

An online food delivery system gives customers the option to eat healthy meals in the comfort of their homes. How does this benefit your food delivery business? An easy-to-use system can increase your profits and cut down on time spent manually organizing data. People that may otherwise not have tried your dishes will be able to view, choose, and order everything in one convenient place – your website.  

The convenience of having food delivered is becoming more popular. Rising costs of dining out and the hassle of getting to a restaurant are making consumers choose to dine at home. Here’s where you come in. Your meal prep business is ready to provide this in-demand service but it can be overwhelming to deal with all the facets of running your company. You got into the food delivery business to make meals, not spend hours crunching numbers and worrying about taking phone orders. You want to cater to as many people as possible and using an online food delivery system can help you do that.

Strategies for Profitability

When you have a food delivery system in place, what strategies can you use to increase profits?

o Spread Awareness

Make people aware that you have a delivery system. How do you do this?

  • Social Media Advertising – Promote your products and services through social media without it costing you a cent. Freely create captivating posts with food images that are drool-worthy and state something like “You can get this dish now without leaving the coziness of your couch”. Your followers and everyone else that lands on your social account will know they can get food delivered directly from your meal prep company. Your clients will love choosing delicious dinners quickly and easily from your online ordering system. No more picking up already prepped food from the grocery store when a complete menu of options is available from the comfort of their home.
  • Website Pop-Up – Next time someone visits your website to check out your menu you can design a pop-up to appear that says “Food Delivery Services Now Available”. A click of the button sends them to the proper page for ordering. The visuals on the page will entice customers to order from you.
  • Flyers – Create flyers introducing your online food delivery system and send them in the mail or to existing email clients. This is a way to capture the attention of new and old customers.

o Upselling – Set up your online food delivery system so it suggests adding more items like a drink or appetizer to go along with a main course. This will encourage additional ordering which increases your profits.

o Customer Service It should be a high priority to ensure the food being delivered looks and tastes great when arriving at the customers’ homes. Create meal prep items that withstand the bumps of the road and look as fresh as it did the moment it was prepared. There is more chance of repeat orders in the future when the food gets to its destination looking and tasting great. Packing meals to remain at an even temperature along the journey is key to customer satisfaction.  

When food is delivered quickly, even better because no one enjoys the waiting game. Your online food delivery system can map out the delivery areas making meals arrive on time and in ideal condition. Not only does a great software system assist with delivery parameters but it can let your customer choose where they want their food delivered to. Information stored in the database keeps your deliveries on track and on time.  

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o POS System Specific for Delivery Ensure the point-of-sale system you incorporate into your business is built for delivering food. You will be aware of things like what days and times food delivery is the busiest.  This helps you schedule delivery drivers, accordingly, saving you unnecessary labour expenses by hiring too many people to do the job during slow order times.

o Price Adjustments Similar to the POS system, you can adjust your prices to reflect the busy delivery hours. By adjusting the prices of your items and offering incentives during slow times, you can maximize your profits by working with what is happening in the market. Happy hours are ideal for mid-day and late-night offerings and encourage your clients to order during less busy operating hours.

o Discounts – Provide further ordering incentive by offering a points system for a free meal after acquiring a specific number of points (orders). This positive association will encourage customers to keep ordering from you and remain a loyal customer. You might want to provide limited-time offers that encourage ordering specific dishes that you want to remove entirely from your list. This way you can replace it with new items to add further interest in your products.  


An automated online food delivery system helps eliminate a lot of manual work by organizing all your orders, deliveries, and website updates. It acts like an extra hand so you can focus your time and effort on growing your business.  Start benefitting now and connect with us at Meal Prep Tech for all your meal delivery needs.

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